Minutes for October 05, 2004

A regularly scheduled and properly and advertised Washington Parish Communications District Board meeting was held on October 05, 2004, at the E-911 Planning Office located at 1007 Cleveland Street.

Members present were:            Mr. James Coleman                       Chairman

                                                Mr. Gary Fenner                            Treasurer

                                                Mr. Mike Stogner                           Vice-Chairman

                                                Mrs. Cynthia August                        Secretary

                                                Mr. Joshua Bridges

                                                Mr. Mike Miller

                                                Mr. Jason Verret

Others present were:               Mrs. Joanna Thomas                        Manager

                                                Mr. Kenny Gatewood                     Attorney

Chairman Coleman called the meeting to order at the appointed time of 6:00 p.m.

Mr. Gary Fenner opened with prayer and the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States.


Mr. Verret called the roll. The results of that roll call are recorded above.


Chairman Coleman called for a motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes of September 07, 2004, since they were mailed out to each member prior to this meeting.

Mr. Stogner made the motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes. Mrs. August seconded the motion. Motion passed by a unanimous vote.

Chairman Coleman asked if there were any deletions, corrections or additions to be made to the minutes of September 07, 2004.  Mr. Fenner made the suggestion that copy of the revised approved budget be added to the minutes for next month. Mr. Coleman called for a motion to accept the minutes as written with the addition of the revised budget be added into this month’s minutes to be mailed out.  Mr. Stogner made the motion to accept and approve the minutes as written and mailed out. Mr. Miller seconded the motion. Motion passed by a unanimous vote.


The Manager’s report was read by Chairman Coleman due to the few minutes that Mrs. Thomas was absent during the meeting.

I have been active during the month of September with both the normal daily operational issues of the office plus supporting our special projects. First, let me report on the daily operational issues:

Daily Operational Issues

All PSAP’s have been equipped with their new equipment and the new equipment is working well. In the month of September Gage telephone received five calls for assistance from the PSAP’s.  Three calls were for assistance in re-booting their computer which was accomplished over the phone, one was for resetting their monitor sensitivity which was accomplished over the phone, and one was for changing the telephone number of Troop L on the speed dial buttons.

I go over to the Sheriff’s Department on almost a daily basis to check on the performance of the system. There have been no equipment performance issues other than those noted above.

On September 8th, I received a call from Mayor Brown of Franklinton who requested information concerning the receipt of calls by the 911 system from an incident at the Franklinton Country Club.  Mr. Coleman and I researched this incident, and Mr. Coleman will report on this in more detail.

During Hurricane Ivan I attended the OEP planning meetings and assisted in the installation and start up of a second dispatch position for the Sheriff’s Office.

The accounting system is working well Mr. Fenner and I continue to input the monthly financial data.

We’ve given out a total of 28 new addresses in the Parish and they are:

Franklinton                   18                                         

Mt. Hermon                  00                                                   

Pine                               02                                                    

Bogalusa                        06                                                             

Angie                             02                                                  

Total                             28

Special Projects

The mapping project is proceeding as scheduled. Ms. Culpepper is “streaming” the Parish roads as planned.  This will continue for the next six months until all are streamed.

Next week will be quite busy, as we install our cell phone location system, teach one TDD class and two map system operations classes for the dispatchers.  Mr. Coleman will have additional information on this in his report.

This has been an interesting and productive month for our office. I would like to thank the board for their support and inputs.

Chairman Coleman asked for questions or comments on the Manager’s Report, and hearing none, asked for a motion to accept and approve the report as written. Mr. Verett made the motion to accept and approve the Manager’s Report as written, and Mr. Stogner seconded the motion.  Motion passed by a unanimous vote.


Chairman Coleman reported that he is happy to report that the progress of the Commission has been excellent over the past month and that the day to day issues of the Commission have been effectively handled in the office.

PSAP Equipment Modifications

The Franklinton Police Department’s new building has not yet been placed in operation.  Our equipment installation will be completed next week and I see no problems in transitioning our 911 service from their old building to their new building.  Once their new building is up and running, the CML equipment being utilized in their old building will be placed in maintenance spares.

As you remember from a previous report, the Franklinton Police Department 911 recorder has been destroyed by lightening.  I have now heard that the Bogalusa Police Department 911 recorder has also been destroyed by lightening.  Our new system has not been affected.

Other Issues

As  Mrs. Thomas mentioned, Valerie Patterson, Manager of the Deaf Action Center of the Northshore will present a “make up” TDD training session next week.  This will complete our initial training commitment under the Settlement Agreement.

We have set a date of October 26, at 7:00 PM, here at the District’s offices, to have an outreach meeting entitled, “911 for the Hearing and Speech Impaired”.  I have attached an informational memo concerning this meeting for your review.

As Mrs. Thomas also reported, we received a request for information concerning an incident at the Franklinton Country Club.  First, I would like for you to listen to the 911 call which prompted Mayor Brown’s request.  I have a copy of our reply to the agencies concerning this incident.  This reply contains the factual information concerning call times to the PSAP’s.  The PSAP’s do not have access to information at other locations, and this incident had multiple PSAP involvement. Our involvement was thus necessary to fully document the incident.  Mayor Brown was thankful for our prompt response.

I have also completed our monthly PSAP report to all agencies, and have a copy for your review. I call your attention to the dramatic improvement in 911 Ring Time.  This has already been a major benefit of our new system, and will be part of a press release in October.

As an example of call taker performance which I believe could be improved, I would like you to listen to the recording of two additional 911 calls during the last few days.  Perhaps we can proactively encourage improvements by the PSAP’s.

I am pleased to report that we have received a re-imbursement of expenses from the Public Safety Foundation of America for $ 53,000. I have also completed a final report to the Public Safety Foundation of America concerning our Phase II Implementation Grant, and have attached a copy for your review.

We have received a request to fund the attendance of Bogalusa Police Department dispatchers to attend “Call Taking of Terrorism Incidents”, at a cost of approximately $ 1,200.  I would like to state that rather than making a determination of the cost/benefits of individual courses for individual agencies, it may be more appropriate to consider a Grant related program for all agencies. I have asked Jason Verett to review this request and present his recommendations.

Lastly, I have asked Joanna to begin the process of obtaining quotations for the repair of the building’s heating system.  After these quotes have been obtained, and if the board approves, Kenny will write the re-imbursement of costs into the lease language for this address.  In addition, the board may wish to examine other alternatives related to this building.  I suggest that to allow additional time for data acquisition, that this subject be placed on next month’s agenda.

Next month’s agenda should also include the re-nomination of three board members whose terms expire at the end of the year:  Mike Miller, Mike Stogner, and Jim Coleman.

Also at next month’s board meeting, the agenda should include a review of possible alternatives for the annual Christmas meeting.

Mapping and Addresses

The following summarizes the progress of our various special projects:

Map Development

Map development continues forward as Mrs. Thomas mentioned in her report.  The first issue of the map will be placed in operation with the dispatchers next week.  Subsequent revisions will occur monthly for the next four months.  Our target to start the plotting of landline 911 telephone calls is February, 2005.

Phase 2 Wireless Implementation

The wireless Phase 2 implementation team continues to work with the carriers to manage their implementation efforts.  Phase 1 and Phase 2 cellular telephone locating will begin concurrently with the map installation next week.  It is expected that two of the six cellular providers will begin sending us location data during the month of October, and another two in November.  This will leave an additional two to begin data transmission by the end of the year.

Dispatcher Mapping

The required software will be installed next week.  The PSAP’s have been notified as per the attached notification.

Wide Area Network

Design of the PSAP Data Backbone to be installed in conjunction with Dispatch Mapping is complete.  Telephone data lines and other equipment have been ordered, and installation is scheduled for this week.

Public 911 Education

Our 911 web site continues to be updated with technical and additional data of public interest.  I am encouraged by supportive remarks about the information on the web site.  A new Section has been added called News Notes, and I have placed this information below for your review.

(Franklinton, 10/05/2004) - The Washington Parish Communications District congratulates the Parish's three PSAP's on their continued improvement in 911 Ring Times (time to answer 911 calls) since the replacement of equipment in July, 2004.

(Franklinton, 9/22/2004) - The Washington Parish Communications District meets requirements and receives grant payment of $ 52,000 from the Public Safety Foundation of America to be applied toward the installation of a Phase 2 wireless location capabilities.  This system is scheduled for start up in October of 2004, and will be the third such system in the state of Louisiana.

(Franklinton, 9/15/2004)- In preparation for Hurricane Ivan, the Washington Parish Communications District installed a temporary, second 911 answering position at the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office in anticipation of increased call volume during the expected severe weather.

(Franklinton, 9/13/2004) - U. S. Attorney Jim Letten announced the settlement of a complaint brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act by a deaf woman who could not get through to her area 911 emergency service on her TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf also known as a TTY).  

(Franklinton, 7/16/2004) The Washington Parish Communications District completed the replacement of all its original 911 equipment on July 16, 2004.  As of that date, the entire parish is linked together with a single integrated 911 telephone system. 


Our agency is making much progress to improve 911 communication services in Washington Parish. 

I would like to thank both the board and the staff for their hard work on the many complex challenges currently facing us.

Chairman Coleman asked for questions or comments on the Chairman’s Report, and hearing none, asked for a motion to accept and approve the report as written. Mr. Verett made the motion to accept and approve the Chairman’s Report as written, and Mr. Stogner seconded the motion.  Motion passed by a unanimous vote.


Mr. Fenner reviewed the financial statements beginning with the current assets.  He then reviewed the balance sheet, both assets and liabilities, followed by the income and budget statements which reflect the 2004 revised budget that was approved in last month’s meeting.  Mr. Fenner informed the board that we received the Grant money that Chairman Coleman had applied for, he also showed where the CD from PNB was closed out and put into the checking account, which was approved by the board last month to do so.  Mr. Fenner then reviewed the check registration, cash receipts, the account reconciliation statement and the 911 funds statement with cash disbursements.   Mr. Fenner asked if there were any questions or comments regarding any of the financial statements.

Chairman Coleman called for questions or comments on the Treasurer’s Report. Hearing none, Chairman Coleman called for a motion to accept and approve the Treasurer’s report,  all the financial statements,  and the checklist.

Mr. Miller made the motion to accept and approve the Treasurer’s report, all the financial statements, and the checklist.  Mr. Stogner seconded the motion. Motion passed by unanimous vote.


Chairman Coleman handed the PSAP report out to each member for their review and reported that it will be mailed out to each agency as well.  It was then suggested that we change the date for our 911 meeting from November 02 due to it being Election Day to November 9th .  All in attendance agreed to the meeting date change.

Following a discussion of training for dispatchers, it was suggested by Mr. Miller that we look into giving the Basic Training class for each agency. Mr. Coleman said that he would find out the cost, and report to the board at the next meeting.


There were no committee reports give


There were no public comments.

Chairman Coleman called for any additional comments or questions from the members of the board.  Hearing none, he called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Mr. Miller made the motion to adjourn. Mr. Stogner seconded the motion. Motion passed by a unanimous vote.  Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

As recorded by: Mrs. Joanna Thomas. 

Approved by:  ___________________________________

                               Mrs. Cynthia August, Secretary